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Established in 2019, Jengle Slap is an original fusion collective based out of St. Petersburg, FL. Our sound can best be described as a jengle of jazz, funk, rock, pop and blues with our signature psychedelic slap… Or as some like to say, it feels like funky jazz going into outer space. We view music as a vehicle to spread positive vibes across the universe and we are thankful for that opportunity.


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Come hear what all the buzz has been about, with the one-of-a-kind, funky, jazz, rocky, psychedelic sound that is Jengle Slap!

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Meet The Band

Eric Ryan Keys, Organ, Synth
Jeff Petitt Drums, Vocals
Brandon Croft Bass

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What is a Jengle Slap?

We are always asked how we got our name. There isn’t much to the story, after putting the group together and getting ready to book our first show, we were brainstorming names and Jason Stander came up with the idea of Jengle Slap. We didn’t know what it meant but it had a nice to ring to it and in all honesty, it was the only idea on the table. It was later on we realized that SLAP is an acronym for Sounds Like A Plan. And that is very fitting for our group. We all come from different walks of life and have different musical backgrounds. What we share in common is that we have good intentions, and we know our hard work together will help us achieve our goals.

History of Jengle Slap

Jengle Slap was founded in 2019 by Eric Ryan (keys / organ / synth), Jason Stander (drums) and Santiago Rodriguez (bass).  We had similar goals of making original music influenced by jazz and funk and encouraging improvisation. We soon thereafter added Chuck Weirich on Trumpet, Ivan Jones on guitar and vocals, and Lazaro Gutierrez on saxophone / keyboards/ and vocals. Our first official show was on January 10th 2020 at the Tampa Blue Note opening for Daryl Hance.

Unfortunately, the pandemic that changed the world in March 2020 also had a major impact on our group. Jengle Slap went through several different formations over the next year and a half and only played a handful of shows.

It was not until August 2021 when Jengle Slap 2.0 was solidified which featured lead vocalist Samantha Georg, Tony Sochet on bass, Jeff Petitt on drums along with original members Eric Ryan and Ivan Jones. Shortly thereafter, we added Michael Hartman on Saxophone. Jengle Slap 2.0 has played over 30 shows together including the Heaven on Earth Arts and Music Festival, Gulfport Gecko Fest, First Night St. Petersburg, Shopapalooza, and the Florida Van Life Gathering in addition to many other venues around the Tampa Bay area.

We have gained and lost members along the way.  Ivan Jones left the group in May 2022 and Taylor Jansen joined the group in August of that same year.  In June 2023, Samantha Georg informed the group that she was moving out of state.   Jengle Slap did a handful of shows after Sam’s departure with Jess Gluzband filling in on lead vocals.

In October 2023, it was decided that Jengle Slap would take a break.   We don’t know how long that break will be, but we cherish the memories we have made together and we hope to one day continue the Jengle Journey.

In addition to the musicians we already mentioned, we want to thank the following people who at some point performed with our collective. They are forever friends and a part of Jengle history:  Thaddeus Dziekonski. Alvin Ramos, Sam Salas, Jeff Westervelt, Lamont Thomas, Matt Tamme, Derek Hopkins, Jorge Ubieta, Erica Flaskamp, Ace Williams.

Original Jengle Slap Six
The Birth of Jengle Slap 2.0
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